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Build A Chatbot

A video course on developing, extending and testing
Chatbots and Voicebots with PHP.

Let me show you the power of chatbots

Build A Chatbot is a video course that includes everything I know from building and maintainig the most popular open source PHP chatbot framework called BotMan.

It features real world examples such as a todo list chatbot to walk you through the concepts of chatbots through various messaging services.

"Wow, I didn't even know a chatbot could do this!".

That is the one sentence I hear most, when people get out of my conference talks about chatbot development.

With features such as buttons and menus, the chatbot has evolved into a full-blown mobile app replacement right in the most powerful marketing instrument: the messaging services.

This video course will show you how you can develop your own chatbot or voice skill.

"BotMan is a fantastic way to dive into the world of chatbots in an environment that is familiar to PHP developers. Marcel has done a great job building BotMan as well as explaining how to use it via these wonderful videos."
Taylor Otwell, Creator of Laravel

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  • Learn how to develop, test and improve a chat- or voice-based bot.
  • Access to 47 lessons (more than 5 hours of content) - stream and download
  • Lifetime access to all new material that’s added to this course

Conversational UI

Learn how to develop engaging user interactions through conversations.

  • What makes a good chatbot?
  • Using BotMan
  • Conversation Flows
  • Chatbot Attachments
  • Handling incoming attachments
  • Accessing user information
  • Storing user related information
  • Use location data
  • Natural language processing tools

One API - Multiple Services

Write your chatbot once and connect it to multiple messaging services.

  • Slack
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Alexa
  • Website integration
  • And many more...

Extending your chatbot

Learn how to integrate your chatbot into your own business logic by custom authorization and middleware systems.

  • Create a custom messaging service driver
  • Connect your chatbot to an analytics service
  • Write your own middleware

This course got you covered

Here is a list of all topics and lessons that you will get instant access to.
The course already consists of over 5 hours of content in 47 lessons!
New videos will be added to the course every week.

Getting Started

Installing BotMan

Testing your Bot

Add BotMan To Your Laravel App

Understand your users

Simple Hears Commands

Capture User Input

Capture Complex User Input


Reply with attachments

Store User Information

Accessing User Information

Receive Attachments

Powerful Conversations

Inline Conversations

Conversation Classes

Validate conversation answers

Break out



Middleware System


Received Middleware

Heard Middleware

Sending Middleware

Captured Middleware

Matching Middleware

Middleware Groups

Natural Language Processing


Setup Dialogflow

Using the Dialogflow Middleware

Create a TodoBot


Show my todos

Add new todo

Finish Todos

Delete Todos

Improving the bot

Connect our chatbot

BotMan on your Website


Associating Users

Programatic Access

Alexa Skill Development

Introduction to Alexa

Your First Skill

Skill Slots

Pre-Existing Slot Types

Dialog Management

Facebook Messenger

Getting Started

Get Started Button

Greeting Texts

Persistent Menus


Chatbot Testing

What others say

About me

I am Marcel, managing partner and developer at Beyond Code, guest instructor at Laracasts and I'm building custom Laravel web applications and BotMan - the most popular open source PHP chatbot framework in the world.
When I'm not working at my day job or spending time with my family, you can find me tinkering with my arcade cabinet.